This is O-Getsu Ryu / Mihoko Kamiya

We are alright...!!

In Tokyo, last few days, daily necessary goods are not enough, however, it is not in a severe situation. Stricken areas, such as Fukushima, is in a strict stuation of lacking many kinds of daily goods.
People in Tokyo are in a small panic and many people are buying gasoline, foods, etc. This is one of the reason which causes northern people in a situation of lacking things. I feel very sad about people in Tokyo's thoughtfulness.

But we are alright...!! so please don't worry about us.

……By the way…
we are sorry, we decide our stage of Glove theatre is postpone to
Because, that powerplants was damaded too big and all Japanese save
electricity...and we O-Getsu Ryu make efforts diversely for north city
untill they get ordinaly life...

We are sorry postpone of stage...
But, we want to meet you as soon as we can.

  Love always , O-Getsu Ryu Mihoko Kamiya

photo by Tadayuki Naito

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